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“Alexandria 415” Project:

“Alexandria 415” is the first blog and webzine in Arabic that deals with Spirituality and “alternative” religions with a focus on ancient “primary” religions and Wisdom/Mystery schools and their revival around the world.

“Alexandria 415” is addressed mainly to the Arabic readers and the wider Mediterranean audience, but its content is universal and suitable to everyone on the planet interested in its subjects.

The webzine/blog aims to correct the misconceptions prevailing in the Arab media, intelligentsia and general public about the mentioned religious/spiritual paths. We aspire to be a friendly and comprehensive directory that’s accessible to everyone, whether they were spiritual seekers, academic researchers or just curious surfers.

The project of Alexandria-415 stems from an old- new perspective of reality combining Spiritual, environmental and humane dimensions in one balanced outlook on life. On the long term, we aim to provide our readers with enough materials for a fulfilling spiritual practice in which, harmony, not confrontation, is the norm of the relationship between Man, Heaven, Earth and the Beyond.

The title “Alexandria 415” indicates to the date and the place of the assassination of Platonic Pagan Philosopher and scientist Hypatia of Alexandria. Our blog’s title is a symbolical indication to the collapse that occurred in the Mediterranean area (and eventually the rest of the world) at that time; it was the end of the ancient world where culture, arts, sciences and living as a whole was intertwined with organic religions in tune with Divinity, nature and our true being. For many enlightened people in the Mediterranean area, our history stopped in the year 415; our webzine aims to resume that history from where Hipatia has left us.

The content will be published in Arabic (main), and sometimes English and French. The blog will be updated one time per week in the beginning with the hope of reaching the ability to update it daily later on. At the end of each month, the blog’s content will be arranged in a PDF webzine format to be available for download as an electronic magazine.

The pages of “Alexandria 415” are open for contributions. The blog also welcomes any technical, financial or editorial support that helps it achieve its mission.


Areas of interest:

The area of interest for “Alexandria 415” includes four major categories:

–       First category: Ancient Wisdom (Esoteric) schools and primary religions, ancient and modern. The latter include everything classified today as “Neo-Paganism”, “Paganism”, “Reconstructionism”…etc.

–       Second category: All religions except the three main Abrahamic ones. The blog however, might cover news related to Monotheistic religions.

–       Third category:  Spiritual practices like rituals, devotions, meditations…etc.

–       Fourth category: Some of the subjects classified under “self-growth” (or self-help, self-improvement) are also in our area of interest.


Editorial and contributions Policy:

–       The blog is open for contributions from all religions and traditions enumerated in the previous section; we encourage individuals, organizations and communities to send their own articles or contact us to arrange interviews, feature stories or news covering their public events. The publishing priority is for the content that engages with or speaks to the Mediterranean and Near Eastern audience who’s relatively new to this kind of subjects.

–        We accept all contributions under the condition that it would be the original work of their sender (translations are or course exempt from this condition). Contributions that aim to proselytize, denigrate or attack other people or religions/traditions will not be published. Apart from that, critic articles are accepted and encouraged.

–       Contributions are accepted in: English, Arabic and French languages.

–       We are an “Ads free” blog; the work of Alexandria 415 is based on voluntary work and donations.


Long term project:

“Alexandria 415”’s team aims on the long run to complement its web presence with a Youtube channel, a Facebook group, an online library and an E-Community/discussion forum. Our long-term plans include publishing our own books in Arabic and English (based on the content of the blog).

The work done for “Alexandria 415” is completely voluntary, whether it’s editorial, artistic or technical. There are no compensations of any kind to the editorial team or any other contributor.

However, as every serious long-term project, “Alexandria 415” is seeking to establish a strong financial basis for its continuation with the help of those who believe in its message.

For suggestions or contributions of any kind, please read the “Contact us” page.


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